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Perfectly combining the best of the artistic worldsmusic and painting,which have built him, Yann Béréhouc develops his own musical world,always fitting the projects of witch he signs the score.

He is keen on ethnic cultures as on urban cultures and mixes,sticks,cuts,using and abusing a whole sound palette full of history and tradition.Visual artist of music,his musical wanderings are all an invitation to travel.

Musical designer and arranger,he is also the cofounder of La Compagnie Numérique,an artistic collective specialized in the creation and production of monumental shows,where image and music are closely linked.

He regularly participates in festivals such as the International Charango del Mundo Festival in Rosario, the "Noche de charanguistas" of Buenos Aires, Argentina 2017.

Former student of the Ecole Normale de Musique and the CIM of Paris, Yann Béréhouc has obtained many musical awards, such as the Mimpi Special Mention at the 6th International Music & Cinema Festival in 2005. 2nd Arward Electronique/Dance/DJ du concours 100% Music Songwriting Contest Edition 2008.

He took part in many national events.


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